Hire a Bike...
This is Mr. Derek Ginn, of, as you can see, Crawley Wheelers, England.  On holiday here (with his bike) last year he took to riding from Castellia Apartments at Kamisiana all the way up here to Astratigos, arriving in the pink so to speak, at about 7.30am - there is an easier way.......
Biking is a sport developing rapidly on Crete.  Whilst airlines, including holiday charters are very willing to carry both you and your bike, unless you are seriously competitive and need your own gear, why not consider hiring here.  All types of bike and the latest accessories are available, plus specialist companies can combine your sport with seeing a lot more of real Crete than might otherwise be possible.
Bike Trekking Plan, Agia Marina.
Run a number of tours, hire all types of bike and gear, and have the great idea of transporting clients (of all ages) up into the parts of Crete that would be inaccessible to many, and then letting the groups bike down to the coast again!  Followed by their own minibus....  Get one of these, see some real Crete!!
The thing I like about this company, which incidentally has good links with other travel companies, is that not only will it help you sort out your own activities - accommodation and the like - if you bring your own bike, but they add those professional touches such as fitting seats for your kids in their minibus.  The itineries really are good.  The place I would most like to see if I were biking here is Omalos.  49 kilometres of mostly breathtaking mountainous countryside.  To the start of the northern end of the Samaria Gorge. Without them, on my own bike those 39 kilometres are definitely up-hill.  The thing I most like about this bike trek is that after being ferried up by minibus, the first 39 kilometres back are downhill.  Think about it. 

Trekking Plan Bikers from Iceland at Astratigos Recently