The Cretan Vista Guide
to living in
North Western Crete

1 - The Rodopos Peninsula

Crete, Greece. Largest island in the Land of the Gods, A Land in itself. Surrounded by clear turquoise seas beneath Mediterranean blue skies. A land of warm welcomes. Filoxenia. Good wines. Outstanding beaches. Memorable holidays or a perfect retirement................. Welcome to Rodopos.  Our Crete!

Rodopos Village Square, Rodopos Peninsula, North-West Crete

Kalos Ilthate - Welcome to Crete

This is a safe site.  Kids of all ages can play without danger from porn-shops and predators.  There is nothing to buy and so nothing to spend.  The only danger is that you will fall for Crete and spend a lot of your time and money here in paradise.  Start below...

A Real-life Guide to Living in North Western Crete
 Part 1 - The Rodopos Peninsula.

This personal local guide starts where the guide books start, and carries on where they stop!  With the reality of living on the Rodopos Peninsula.  Amongst real Cretans in a real mountain village!
  But start at the beginning - getting to NW Crete and getting to know it a little - Ela!

Essentials to Survival - Read On!

When to come
Depends on what you want to do....  The weather is usually sunny - in summer!

Getting to Crete
Tips on how to get here. It's easier than you think..... If you have time - drive here.

What to expect when you get off the plane... Advice on not having a bad time.

Nomos Chanion
Where you should be. The Capital is the city of Chania, or Xania..

Breakfast in Chania
Room-Service with a better view and more action...... Closed

Celebrated firewater. Also called Tsikouthia and Rakis.  

About About Us
Why we built the site

Site/Local News/Reviews
NEW - MAY 2014
A Place in the Sun
And finding one....
The Chania Market
Just like Marseilles

Universal mini - mini markets   

The Rodopos Peninsula
Five real mountain Villages.

Calendar Collectibles
NEW - 2014
(Birds of NW Crete)


Living on Rodopos

Even on a Monday!

Sea Front Kolimbari
Past the police station and to the beach

Sea Front Kolimbari1
Taverna's Supreme

Sea Front Kolimbari2
On the beach - but don't try to walk to Chania

Sea Front Kolimbari3
On the beach - but don't try to walk to Chania

Sea Front Kolimbari4
To Diktina and Argentina without the travel

The Gonias Monastery
Kolimbari and Ecclesiastical Academy

Gateway to Rodopos
Steeply rising road takes you to the Rodopos peninsula.

Gateway to Rodopos2
Onwards to Afrata.....  
Afrata village
Peninsula first stop....
Astratigos village
Set in a walkers paradise.
Rodopos Village
On the way to Agios Ioannis and Diktina

Ravdoucha village
High-level Village with sea level beach and harbour

Agia Ioannis -The legends:
Upside down trees and bare-footed brides!

End of the road, but a prize to remember

Cretan Monastiraki
Athenian flea-market right here on Crete..

Old Houses:
So you want to buy an old house?

Is this an earthquake zone?

Master Cooper
Mesmerizing barrel maker at Kastelli - Kissamos

Walking in the Area
A few walks and general Advice on staying well.... 

General Information .......

Travel Agents
Some sell tickets and some sell travel..

Hotels, Apartments and Rooms
Finding desirable accommodation

Books & Good Reading
Bookshops abound.  Authors may be even more numerous!
NEW Living in Crete update

Food and drink
Maybe the best in the world...
Current Recipe - Fish Soup

Shopping in Crete
Don't bring the marmalade!

Listing and Description

Religion and Churches
Mosques and Minaret's abound, but Greece is Orthodox

The Leather Market
Skridlof Street is fast becoming a big jewelry shop, but you can still buy good leather

Cretan Art and Crafts
Weaving, Pottery, Icons et al....
Current  Part 1. Weaving

Go by bus - 'me to leoforio'

Newspapers and magazines
Greek in English and English in English - where to find it

Radio, TV and internet
The world is, literally, at your finger tips

Getting out and about .......

Some day-trips
From wherever you are..

 A Countryman's Diary LAST EDITION
Andrew Bell on Cretan Countryside.

Great Countryside
1. Breathtaking countryside.

*NEW GALLERY - Cretan Fauna.
2. Paul Smith Birdwatching.
Pauls'Final Diary SEPTEMBER 07
3. Bird wildlife Gallery. Current

Parks and Gardens
Usually cool...........

Beach action
Top to bottom - parascending to scuba diving - its all here

Hire a Bike
Pedal by Pedal directions

Rent a Car
The best agencies in Crete may be your local ones

Ferry Boats
All at sea!

Mini Cruising
Local rides or weekend sprees

Take a `plane
Athens return in a day...

Driving Days Out
Can take you anywhere..... but  don't forget your maps

Nearby Islands
Gramvousa; Balos; Kithira; Gavdos 

A Mountain Village
Off the beaten track in NW Crete  

Hopefully Helpful Information

Tourist Information
The official version

Maps of Crete
Choosing the right one

Letters from Crete
Real life uncensored!
Short Stories *****
DECEMBER - Flying Home

Garden of Remembrance
Souda Bay War Cemetery

Cretan People 
Meeting people in NW Crete
Current Vasilis Kazanidakis

Survive: Greek Language
Speak Greek Now! Carefully!!

Where are you from?
Apo pou isaste? Greek Curiosity

Souvenir Hunting
Most things are cheaper and there some curiosities..

Feel Safe: Stay Young:
Filoxenia for foreign visitors

Photo Albumns from Nomos Chanion

Chania Central Market Photo Tour

Mhlia Traditional Village  CURRENT

Chania Leather Market & Harbour Area Tour
Available Shortl

Photo Gallery Collectibles
Photographed in NW Crete
Minature Shrines - Klaus D.Thill.

Rebuilding a ruined house 1
Photographed in NW Crete

Souda War Cemetery
Photo Walkabout

Cretan Sunsets 
Original sunrise/sunset Photographs from NW Crete

Cretan Flowers
MARCH2011 P29 & P30
NEW Wild Flowers here

Charcoal Burning
Making Charcoal in NWcrete

A Few Useful Web Links:
The website of Bike Trekking Plan - see 'Hire a bike - Pedal by Pedal directions'.
This is the superb website of Paleologos travel,  Iraklion. Crete.  Anywhere in Greece five star service.  Of the very best.
This site will get you to, in and around Greece from anywhere in the world.  All forms of travel.  Online booking - time zones - even links to weather reports.
An Aladin's cave of old goods for sale in Chania
First rate information and magical photographs
Lets you see inside hotels and offers on-line booking
Take an Aerial tour of the Cretan coastline and beaches - land wherever you want

Crete's own magazine STIGMES 
The very best for lovers of Crete; it's history & culture or soon-to-be visitors
If you can't find it here, it probably doesn't exist!

frappé Magazine
Link Open shortly - the magazine is available now - free - but only online...
Excellent language school in Chania

1.Directory of useful web-sites
2. Visit Most Recent Additions

Guest book - Closed - Contact Link
For questions, queries, answers, comments, seminar topics or discussion points (!) about the Rodopos Peninsula, Chania or NW Crete in general - Why not contact me at
This is a relatively new site.  It is informational.  About living on the Rodopos peninsula in the prefecture of Chanion, North Western Crete.  It includes the city of Chania; people; its towns and villages.  The site does not generate income or accept gratuities.  Everything mentioned has been or is part of real life experience and where services are recommended it is on the basis of that experience.  Any offence given by anything on the site will have been accidental and will be corrected. 

The site is being continuously developed and updated.  Helpful comments, criticism and suggestions are sincerely welcome.  We hope that you will find the site seriously enjoyable and informative.  Remember though that not everyone sees things the same way as we do.  If you feel that you don't like Crete at all after a visit, then wait a month.  If you then find yourself wondering about whether you like it after all, then what can we say?  The feeling will grow!  Kalos Ilthate - welcome to Crete! 

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