A Brief Guide...
Nomos Chanion is one of the four main 'states' of Crete.  It is the the western-most part of the island and is one of only the only two 'states' to have three coast-lines.  North; West; and South.  The North coast is the most heavily populated, the city of Chania being its capital, and is the area most favoured by the tourist industry; well developed with several good beaches and many tourist attractions.  The westernmost coast is the least developed;  the south coast not overdeveloped and the magnificent Omalos mountain range squatting like a huge backbone separating north from south.
Map showing Nomos Chanion, Crete. North, West, South coasts.
If you have followed the direct routes to NW Crete from Athens - either the Eleftherios-Venizelos airport or Piraeus harbour you will have arrived either on Akrotiri - the Chania airport at Sternes, or at the base of the peninsula at the port of Souda Bay.  If you have taken a boat from one of the Peloponnese harbours - Kalamata; Githio or even Monemvassia you will have arrived at the port of Kastelli, at the base of the Gramvousa Peninsula.

The rough map above gives you some idea of where you are and also a general idea of where some of the main tourist towns lie along the coast and also some of the inland towns and villages you may encounter on this site or whilst out and about in NW Crete.  Whilst it is no substitute for a good map to suit the purpose of your visit (there will shortly be a 'Maps of Crete' page opened on the site to help you choose a suitable map if you don't already have one) it is intended that a brief index card description will be linked to main areas on the map above to give useful details of the places indicated.

For now, we are in Nomos Chanion.  If you are at Kastelli the Rodopos peninsula is to your left out of the harbour.  If you are at the port of Souda Bay Chania is to your right.  From the airport at Sternes then straight out of the gates, bear carefully left at the first fork and simply follow the road signs to Chania.
CARD INDEX: This is a site development feature and not yet complete.  If you want to discover whether there is an active index card for the place on the map you are interested in simply point to the name of the place.  If the link is active the cursor will change - left clicking will take you to a brief description, supported by a photograph wherever possible.  For now, try pointing and left clicking Chania or Kolimbari, or depart to 'HOME'.  Whatever you do, don't be distracted from the home page where direct links to the main pages are based.