Sea Front Kolimbari
There are two sea-front scenes in Kolimbari, the quiet and the active taverna scene.  For the first, turn right just past the police station.  This road takes you, passing the Irini Beach hotel en route, to a long open beach - no tavernas, no crowds.  Just a long, long open beach.  Facing a very swimmable sea.
Beach, Rapaniana, Kolimbari. Facing the sea, to the left is sea-front Kolimbari, the tavernas facing the beach.  Good food, sun-beds and brolleys for hire and perhaps a little more sand, but a few minutes walk away.   To the right the beach stretches away into the distance to Chania.  Don't attempt to walk there though - it's a very long way and in a few places you would have to forsake the beach for the very busy coast road.
Local Cuisine.............
There are several local places to eat at or near the sea front.  Six sit right on the edge of the beach; three overlooking the sea and one a minute away with an excellent main street location.  They all sit in a very neat straight line sandwiched between the sea and the right side of the main street, walking towards the harbour end of Kolimbari. Except one sitting on the left side of the street, which has a super cosmopolitan feel.
Kyma grill, restaurant. Fish taverna. Taverna, bar.
Edem cafe, restaurant. Spartha fish taverna.


Diktina fish taverna, restaurant. Argentina fish taverna.

Cafe Bar Plaza