20 Kilometres east of Chania on the old national road (E65) lies Kolimbari, variously known on both maps and road signs as Kolimbari: Colymbari: Kolibari; and Kolimpari. The village starts at the unmistakable Kolimbari crossroads, where all life seems to pass at considerable speed and seemingly in all directions at once.

KTEL buses arrive; depart and make the most amazing u-turns in the space between the three cornered junction. Overlooked by one of the local bakers; the cafe Harris; the local builders yard; and where the fourth corner should be, but isn't, the Hotel Rose Marie.  Now partly a supermarket, the Rose Marie was a centre of resistance in WWII. And is still run by the family Rosemariss, who aided a British army officer escape the Germans in a rowing boat and whose exploit was later suitably acclaimed in the London Illustrated News.

Take a seat and enjoy a drink whilst watching the world go by - it really is a fascinating experience. Especially since this is a staging post for buses and taxis, and the Periptero opposite the Rose Marie a stopping place for almost everybody who wants anything and everything! Rose Marie, Kolimbari crossroads.
Leaving the Rose Marie, take the road to the right past the small fruit-market next door and on to seaside Kolimbari - safe swimming; superb food; small shops; the post office; and the renowned Monastery Gonias and Ecclesiastical Academy of Crete. Kolimbari crossroads, periptero, Cafe Harris.