Somewhere to stay...
There are really two Kolimbari's.  Kolimbari itself is really only a large village, rapidly becoming a small town, by the sea.  And the Municipality of Kolimbari, which, according to the booklet issued by the professional Association of the Municipality, includes 49 villages and settlements with a population of 5,114 residents.  There are many places to stay along the coastal strip of the municipality, and of course in the surrounding villages.  There are several excellent hotels; holiday apartments; pool-bars and Tavernas with rooms to rent in the area.

The seaside village of Kolimbari can offer hotels and apartments close to the sea, tavernas and shops, some of which can be booked on the internet, but of course all of which have telephones!

Hotel Minerva - right on the Sea-Front in Kolimbari Village

Not all accommodation in the area is listed in the several guides available.  Some apartments are often taken over in season by tour companies and may well be full.  But it is always worth searching and asking if you are traveling independently.  We have in the past stayed at some very modern apartments at very good rates simply because a previous reservation had been cancelled.
Irini Beach Apartments, sea-front Kolimbari, Nomos Chanion, Crete. Irini Beach Apartments - on the Sea Front in Kolimbari
We have not stayed here but it looks a very modern and attractive apartment block.  Right on the sea front.  The beach lies behind it in this photograph.
There are some particularly useful websites which deal with accommodation in this area - some of which, for example, not only show pictures of the hotels but have photo tours of the actual accommodation, dining rooms, bed-rooms, apartments etc.  Have a look at our web-site directory for full internet addresses.
Lefka Taverna Restaurant
Lies about 5 minutes walk from the sea front and just below the crossroads at Kolimbari.  Lefka has about 24 rooms.   Close to the supermarkets, shops, cafes, bakers and banks.  You might just experience the occasional wedding party.  As almost everywhere else in Kolimbari the food is superb and no-one minds if you want to eat elsewhere tonight.
Hotel Taverna Lefka, Kolimbari, Nomos Chanion, Crete.
A Brief Kolimbari Hotel List...
Aphaea Village Kolimbari Tel: 2824-0-23344
Arion Kolimbari Tel: 2824-0-22440
Chryssana Kolimbari Tel: 2824-0-22812
Aeolos Kolimbari Tel: 2824-0-22202
Colymbari Beach Kolimbari Tel: 2824-0-23801
Lykasti Kolimbari Tel: 2824-0-22822
Niriides Kolimbari Tel: 2824-0-22257
Please Note:  This page is only about our experience of the immediate area.  There are several good travel sites which will be only too happy to help you find accommodation and, as indicated above, some which will let you browse inside hotels and also book reservations on-line.  Have a look at the sites on our index page for a good start.  Above all, don't be afraid to book online with Cretan travel agents or accommodations.