Arrival in Afrata presents an immediate problem for first -time visitors. A `T` junction.  Either choice, right or left, will enable you to reach the sea.  The tip of the peninsula is possible only via Rodopos village. The difference basically is that the right turn leads to the eastern side of the peninsula and the left to the centre and western side.  If you seek Agia Ioannis or Diktynna turn left.  One thing that is certain is that beyond the villages, which all lie across the base of the peninsula, the only human habitation northwards, except on the August 29th pilgrimage each year to the remote church of Ag` Ioannis, is the occasional shepherds hut. There are a few rooms in Afrata and a few at Ravdoucha beach, no other; and no tourist shops. Real Crete!

Superb drives and walks; decent swimming; mountain villages and villagers; outstanding scenery; wild-flowers at the right time of the year.  Diktynna; eagles..... But no tourist shops........ Ella!

Taverna 'Good Heart'.

Taverna 'Manolis'.

Meanwhile, we are at Afrata. Afrata is filoxenia; four tavernas; two churches and a beach. Well, there is a local official graphfeo and a Drs office - open only on Thursday morning. And a sort of lively peace! If food is your goal, either of the tavernas at the village entrance will give you a warm Cretan welcome and provide hospitality at prices somewhat less than in Chania, where the overheads are more expensive. Tourists often stop to photograph the flowers on the walls outside, and competition keeps the show blooming! Taverna Minore is only a couple of hundred metres down the road on the right and the famous 'Taverna Roxanni' five minutes further on foot.  Minore has tourist rooms.
Continuing down to the beach - a small, swimmable rocky cove where there is a canteena providing simple snacks.

Taverna Roxanni - Kouneli Stifado   (Rabbit Stew) Supreme