Rodopos Village, Rodopou Peninsula. Gateway to Agios Ioannis and Diktina. Dyktinna.
Rodopos Village. Sitting serenely in a small valley five minutes drive or so beyond Astratigos, towards Diktina. The last village on the route to Agia Ioannis and Diktina. The usually peaceful square is the scene of much revelry on special occasions
The Village has three tavernas sitting on the plateia - we like to think that one is for the old people; one for the young people; and one for the middle aged and tourists! A few general groceries can be bought from the last. Our favourite. Yiorgo's Taverna, Rodopos village, Rodopos peninsula. Rodopou, Nomos Chanion.
Yiorgo, now 87years old and his wife Stella run this taverna. Don't expect more than simple salads and omelet's in the way of food. You can start and finish your tours to the church of Ag Ioannis and Diktina from here. On most days the peaceful square is a beautiful place to refresh, under the shade of the trees at the side of the square outside Yiorgo's.
Don't dawdle too long on the way up - there are no rooms to be had. On foot Ag Ioannis is 2.5hrs and Diktina maybe 3. Double these times for your return and remember that this doesn't include time for resting or enjoying the views or returning from Rodopos to your base.
200 houses, 3 tavernas; 1 baker; 2 churches; 2 kafenion and the superb plateia. Rodopos is the scene of great celebrations at Easter and on Aug 29th when the pilgrimage to Agia Ioannis takes place. Cretan wedding receptions will fill the village square with as many as a thousand places.