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Andrew Bell's Countryside Diaries 2008

Welcome to the countryside diary archives of Andrew bell.  Anyone interested in the flora and fauna of Crete will be interested in having a look at the happenings in the countryside of NW Crete.

This is the part of Crete so many tourists often miss - far and away from the sun-bathing beaches and bars of the mass market tourism of Crete. This is part of the real, treasure laden countryside of real life Crete. Enjoy.


February 2008 Vol I Andrew Bell Kicks off his Countryside Diary; Oxalis and Chiffchaffs!
April 2008 Vol I Cretan vista! + Hoopoes. wagtails & Golden Orioles; Rabbits &  Forest fire....
August 2008 Vol I Sprayers; Planters; Fuscias; Lizards; Birds and birdwatchers; + 'Rabbit'  its all here...